Ichiro Kazushin
Arcana  Fool, Judgment, Reckoning
Weapon(s)  Odachi

Pistol / Palm Blaster (Alt)

Element  Electric (Zio), Wind (Garu)
Persona  Set, Apep (Beast), Horus-Set (Ultimate)
Super  Blade Storm
Health and Spirit
391 138

Description Edit

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Secondary Attack Edit

Pistol / Palm Blaster (Alt)
Ichiro's secondary attack deals less damage than a direct attack and is more likely to miss, but grants slightly higher speed and chance of a critical hit.

Strength -5
Agility +5
Chance of Miss +33%
Chance of Critical Hit +33%

Persona Surge Edit

Ichiro has the ability to use multiple Personas at once, utilizing consecutive skills to attack multiple times. At max level, Persona Surge uses Persona Points (PP) to determine what skills can be used in a single combo. Certain skills may cost more PP, and 1 PP regenerates after every turn. Using particular Personas may also yield powerful Fusion Spells.

Using Persona Surge makes the Personas used unavailable for however many times it was used (ex. using Persona Surge 2 with Legion + Ghoul makes them unavailable for 1 turn). Using Fusion Spells makes the Personas unavailable for a number of turns depending for 3 turns.

When three different Personas are used:
(2) Hachiman - Elec Break (requires 2 PP)
Deal severe Elec damage to 1 foe.
(1) Ghoul - Rakunda (requires 1 PP)
Decreases 1 foe's defense for 3 turns.
(3) Thor - Thunder Reign (requires 4 PP)
Deal severe Elec damage to 1 foe.

When choosing to utilize three for a powerful Fusion Spell:
Surt + Loki + Thor + Odin = Aesir Wrath
Deal massive Almighty damage to all foes.

Super Edit

Blade Storm
Unleash a storm from your blade, engulfing all who stray in its path.

Damage Combo = (150% Physical damage + 150% Elec damage) x 3